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On Saturday, the Australian metalcore band brought their Fatalism Tour to House of Blues in Orlando, Florida and it was one for the books. The lineup for this show was incredible from start to end, with Paledusk, Varials, Currents and finishing the night with Polaris.

First, we had the Japanese band Paledusk, they were definitely the perfect way to kick things off. They brought a whole new level of energy to the House of Blues stage and had the entire crowd crowd hyped for what the rest of the night had in store. Their guitar player, Daisuke Ehara was jumping and spinning around the stage like he was on fire.

Then it was time for Varials to take over, the Pennsylvania band lead by vocalist Mitchell Rogers played songs such as "Anything to Numb" and "Romance". The middle of the House of Blues floor, became the home to a mosh pit that lasted throughout their entire set.

One thing that we noticed was the extreme positive response from the Florida fans to the merch from all four bands, the line was like nothing we have experienced before at this venue, people kept lining up since before Paledusk even hit the stage, all the way until the end of the night.

We made our way back to the first floor for Currents and they did not disappoint, the Connecticut band had crowd surfers flying from the back of the venue, to the barricade non stop. They played some older songs like "Better Days" and "Into Despair" as well as songs from their latest release album, the title track "The Death We Seek" and "Remember Me". These three bands set the bar high for the headlining band of the night Polaris. One of the first things we noticed when the crew was setting up the equipment for the final performance of the night, was Ryan's initials inside a heart on the drum set. A beautiful way for the band to keep his memory alive and still in their own way, share the stage with their friend and bandmate.

As their singer Jamie Hails mentioned later on the set, Ryan loved nothing more than being on stage and playing for all the fans, and he thanked everyone for all the love and support they've shown them during the last few months. They mentioned how happy they felt about headlining this venue, last time Polaris played at the Orlando House of Blues was during Parkway Drive's Reverence Tour in 2018. They opened their set with "Harbinger" the first song of their latest album "Fatalism" as well as some older and fan favorite songs like "The Remedy" and "Hypermania". The mosh pit only grew bigger and the amount of crowd surfers only kept multiplying and we are sure the crowd had the energy to start the night all over.

The deep connection the band shares with their fans was evident throughout the entire performance. Another heartfelt moment was happened before they played their song "Martyr (Waves)" as Jamie took a moment to address the crowd once again to encourage everyone to always keep talking and thinking about our loved ones that are no longer with us, because by doing so, we can keep their memory alive forever, he asked the crowd to hold up their phone up and light the room so bright so Ryan and all our love ones could see it shining as everyone chanted Ryan's name. It is moments like this one that have the power to prove over and over how unifying music can be, for people of all backgrounds and ages.

It was a night full of energy and emotions, but overall incredible music from these four bands that made the Orlando House of Blues feel as big as a massive rock festival. Polaris has only a few days left of touring Fatalism in the United States before they take it over to Europe next year, where we look forward to hopefully catching them one more time when they make their way to Germany.




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