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Symphonic-Metal-Heroes Nightwish finally brought their spectacular HUMAN.:||:NATURE. tour to the QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA in Leipzig, GER on December 13th, 2022 after rescheduling they‘re tour three times since 2020 due to Covid. And oh my, was this show worth waiting for!

The finnish band blew the over 7000 fans attending away with their incredible stage set up, including not only magical visuals supporting each individual song performed, but pyrotechnics that heated up the excited crowd on top! Not that an amazing live band like Nightwish would even need that to guarantee the attention of their audience, as they more than proved during their acoustic performance of „Our Decades in the Sun“, where singer Floor Jansen beautifully captured the hearts of their fans once more, singing next to multi-musician-talent Troy Donockley on the guitar only, managing to give an intimate feel within the packed arena.

Epic hits of their over two decade long career like „Élan“, „Storytime“ and the ultimate live banger and fan favorite „Ghost Love Score“ couldn’t miss on the setlist and as Nightwish closed off their show with „The Greatest Show on Earth“ no one left in the audience would doubt that they delivered exactly that!


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